Fushimi, Kyoto, a city of water and sake. The Craft Brewery Yamorido is located in this area where people have been working for a long time. The building of the Kyomachiya, which was originally a teahouse, and the Japanese tea business that was protected there are inherited, and a new craft beer brewery is added.

sencr created the Yamorido brand site. The design concept is “tradition and innovation”. We focused on the spirit that Yamorido cherishes, “while paying homage to the inherited tradition, we will not be afraid to seek innovation.”

The brand color is pink, which has been converted from vermilion to a vivid color with the meaning of innovation. The base color is gray, which has a traditional and craftsmanship impression, and the brand color, vivid pink, is multiplied to create a calm appearance with the intention of change.

This coloring permeates not only the brand site but also the packaging and stationery, and symbolically directs the Yamorido brand.