sencr inc. was in charge of planning and production of the new commercial for the Meldia Group,
“House on the Quay”.

The environment of the “quay” where the mansion
is located and the scenery from the window are all
created with CG, and by setting the stage of this
work in a place that overturns common sense, we
aimed to create a composition that will be easily
remembered by people.

From the beginning, beautiful images with the motif
of the sea, waves, and rocks suggesting a “quay”
are arranged, and it is told that those images were
actually borrowed scenery from the mansion,
leading to the last cut that reveals the “quay house”.

Along with images of natural beauty with a sense of
scale, it expresses the Meldia Group’s concept of
designing a one-of-a-kind house that matches the
land by drawing an expressive space that uses them
as a borrowed scenery.

It is broadcast and distributed on Fuji TV, TV Tokyo,
YouTube, and TVer.